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The Branding Iron


That's how we do things at Branding Iron. We don't just create for the sake of creating; our ideas and solutions come in direct response to customer needs. Take a look at a few of our most popular ideas, and let us know what we can create for you.

Branding Iron Cloud Burger


Cloud Burger Logo

The Cloud

Surely a frozen burger that looks and acts like a hand-shaped burger could only exist in heaven, right? Well, we've brought that dream a little closer to earth with the Cloud burger. The Original, the pre-seasoned Stratos, and the Black Angus Deluxe all boast 100% domestic top quality beef in a beautifully natural form. It's a burger that was created for one purpose—to make your business better.

THICK N JUICY® Burger Logo


How do you make a frozen patty that retains both its size and juiciness after industry-mandated cooking temperature? The THICK N JUICY®burger is the answer. Whether it's the Original, the Old-Fashioned, the Angus, or the Claim to Fame, this burger always lives up to its name. The THICK N JUICY® burger is one of the best examples of our problem solving nature at Branding Iron.

Claim to Fame Burger Logo

Claim to Fame

Can a burger as good as the THICK N JUICY® become a quick-cook patty without losing taste? If you put the right innovative minds on the job it can. Our Claim to Fame Beef Patties provide faster cooking time with greater bun coverage while still remaining juicy and tasty. It's another great product born to make you and your customers happy.

Steaks/Portion Cuts

People's taste preferences vary as widely as their budgets. That's why we offer everything from flatirons and filets to fajita strips and stew cubes, all pre-portioned, keeping your business costs in mind.

Breaded/Par Fried